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Do this first! National Do Not Call Registry: "WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THE
The National Do Not Call Registry gives you a choice about whether to receive telemarketing calls at home. Most telemarketers should not call your number once it has been on the registry for 31 days. If they do, you can file a complaint at this Website. You can register your home or mobile phone for free. Your registration will be effective for five years.

What are the frequencies of the telephone tones?: "What are the frequencies of the telephone tones?"

How To Defeat The Telemarketers For Free

How To Defeat The Telemarketers For Free

Save that $ you were thinking of spending on a TeleZapper. People even sell this on eBay.

The TeleZapper is a device that plays the first tone in the three tones that precede the telephone company's historic "This number has been disconnected" message. Most telemarketing dialers listens for that tone, and when it is present, assumes the number is disconnected, the telemarketing dialer will immediately disconnect and delete your phone number from it's data bank list.

This is easy to set up, if you have an answering machine and sound for your computer you have everything you need.

If a computer Telemarketer calls, they won't leave a message (because the dialer has hung up, removed your phone number from the database and moved on to the next number in it's database). If it's a friend, well; life is normal, no change. If your not home, they can record a message for you. Your friends will hear the 'DO-DA-DEE' and then your voice greeting, after which they can leave a message. (Or if you use the single tone they will hear just 'DO'). If after hearing who's on the other end of the line and you want to take the call, simply pick up the handset and say "Hello"

Follow the instructions listed below and all of your calls will be screened AUTOMATICALLY!

Here's How it's Done:

Put your TELEPHONE ANSWERING MACHINE next to your computer speaker, (Or the other way around) and play the sound file. Record the sound file at the beginning of your outgoing message, then simply complete your voice greeting. Now your done! Now just sit back and let the answering machine screen your calls.

After perhaps a month of letting your answering machine screen all of your evening and weekend incoming calls, you'll have the same results as a $40.00 TeleZapper. It's that easy, It's that fast! This will work on any answering machine, digital or tape based and is compatible with Call Waiting & Caller ID. It will even work with the answering service provided by most telephone company's. (Except you don't get to screen your calls this way, this is because you would not be able to hear the callers message).

What? You don't have the tones?

Download the sound file of the telephone company disconnect single tone here and the three tone here. (Right click and select Save Target As)

Interesting development

The TeleZapper folks have replaced the older version of their device. The one they have now does not require an AC adapter, rather it uses a battery that must be replace periodically. It also has a switch to allow for "Advanced Mode" which actually causes all 3 tones to play. The newer device retails for $39.99, a $10.00 drop in price from just a few months ago. On eBay the new ones have an average price between $25 & $30, so it makes sense not to buy retail at the very least.

There isn't a down side to using the tones. Not even one. (Well there is a possibility that the Medical Systems Dialers may disconnect as well. This may mean that you would not receive appointment reminders. However, Kaiser Permanente here in California does not disconnect. I suspect that at least some of these medical dialers do not detect the tones. If this concerns you, you can check with the medical facility IT (Information Technology) professional. Ask your doctor for his/her phone number. Please note: This is a risk you take by using the TeleZapper as well).

Is there a difference between the tones?

The single tone file currently works just as well as the 3 tone file, most of the current Telemarketer dialers only hear the 1st tone. It will then immediately disconnect, delete your number from it's list, then it dials the next number in it's database.

The phone company decided years ago that the 3 tone system would be implemented just in case additional tones were going to be required. To this date it has not been necessary to use the additional two tones. It was thought they may be useful for redirecting or emergency services, other options proved to be easier to implement.

These tones will work on any phone system in any country that recognizes 'Tones'.


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